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A few great tips from Mamma’s Pizza Toronto for those children’s birthday parties

There’s always lots to do when arranging children’s birthday parties and of course one of the easiest parts is finding out which one of our Toronto pizza places is closest to you and ordering in. It's good to remember that our catering services also offer Mamma’s specialty pizzas.

However, if you've never organized a children's birthday party before you’ll need to pay close attention to the following helpful tips.

Of course you need to decide how many people you're going to invite and that will dictate the size of the venue you choose. For example, if you only plan on having friends and family, it’s possible to have the birthday party at home and order in some thin crust gourmet pizza Toronto for the adults. If you want to have more than just a few people, it's a good idea to see what banquet type halls are available in your area.


When it comes to the invitations, if you're even just a little Internet savvy you can find a place to put together a template and Photoshop in a picture of your baby.

Of course when it comes to the food we suggest Mamas Pizza Toronto because there's such a variety to choose from including our complete and thorough catering services. Mini sandwiches and small wraps are another great idea.

Of course you don't need to worry too much about entertainment if you're just going to have smaller children and their families at the party. However, if they're going to bring along their older siblings you might want to consider a magician or even someone who knows the art of balloon modeling. It's even possible to hire an animal handler to bring along some furry friends.

Catering Services

As one of the most comprehensive gourmet pizza restaurants in Toronto, we offer catering services to a variety of your functions including of course birthday parties for people of every age. Of course while the adults are munching away on some of our delectable pizza, they'll need to have a party game of their own to help pass the time away. Here's where you can get involved and ask each of the parents to bring in a picture of their babies that can be pinned to the community bulletin board. It's fun and interesting to try and match the photographs with their respective parents.