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"You're soooo skinny! Eat! Eat!" - Mamma

A Fine Selection Of Sandwiches Awaits You At Our North York pizzaiolo

Our food here at Mamma’s Pizza is some of the best you’ll find anywhere and while our namesake makes us one of the finest North York pizzaiolo restaurants in the area, we want all of our valued customers to know about the fabulous sandwiches we offer as well.

If cutlets are what you’re looking for to fill up, we have a great variety of the very ones that the sandwich aficionado wants to choose from. Selecting the Veal Cutlet sandwich means you’ll be getting only the freshest meat with delicious tomato sauce and the same goes for that other tasty standby, the Chicken Cutlet sandwich.

Remember, no matter which sandwich is your favourite, we have salads and appetizers you can pick from too. There are other sandwiches to choose from as well like Pulled Pork and even Meatball. Italian Sausage and Steak are the other options you have because here at Mamma's Pizza, it’s important to us to continue our reputation as one of the best places for variety and choice.

As far as being a North York pizzaiolo, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to offer not only the best when it comes to pizzas, but a fine selection of sandwiches too.