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"Buon appetite! Enjoy your meal!" - Mamma

At Our Oakville Mamma’s Pizza, You’ll Get The Speciality Items You’re Looking For

Our Oakville location at 2335 Trafalgar Road is situated in a modern city that’s well known for some of the best amenities like a museum as well as many parks, trails and gardens. One of other things that fits in perfectly well is our Mamma’s Pizza location there that adds some old world charm to the place.

As you well know by now, our restaurant chain was founded in 1957 by Lidia Danesi who came from Italy armed with a wonderful assortment of recipes that she brought to the Toronto area. Today, these survive in the form of the delicious foods that you can get at our Oakville location that include:

A variety of vegetarian pizzas that are both mouth watering and good for you. Looking for something a little different? Our Combination special has Tomato Sauce, Cheese, Pepperoni, Mushrooms & Green Peppers. Remember that regardless of the pizza you finally decide on, all the toppings are fresh and you can even read from the list of ingredients that we post on our website.

Excellent service. You can either come right into our Oakville store or order online. Either way, you’ll be sure to get the best in customer service, just the way that Mamma would have wanted

Pizza specials that come with great drinks and even better times. We have the food you’ll need for every occasion. Our catering services are some of the best that you’ll find anywhere in the Oakville area and we can deliver steaming hot full trays or half trays to any of the events that you have planned.

Making sure that you take a good look at the natural wonders in the area like Bronte Harbour is made all the more special when you decide on the BBQ, Honey Garlic, Medium, Hot and Suicide wings that we can get ready for you. When you’re in the Oakville area, the perfect end to any adventure should be a trip to our Oakville Mamma’s Pizza location. That’s where you’ll find the friendly staff that knows how to fill you up with delicious Italian food and leave you feeling like you’ve just made a trip to Italy and another era. Why not visit us today? We’re just south of Dundas.