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"You're soooo skinny! Eat! Eat!" - Mamma

Best Toronto thick crust pizza with a great history is here

When you need more than just another pizza, come here to Mamma's Pizza where we have, among other things, the best Toronto thick crust pizza in town. Take a good look at the specials we offer and you’ll see why we have people from all over the GTA that count themselves among our repeat customers.

Garlic bread, chicken wings and pop are just some of the great extras you’ll get when you order one of our specials. On top of the convenient size pizzas available for all different types of gatherings, you really need to take a good look at the sides we offer as well.

There’s more to the Mamma’s Pizza experience than just great food. We have an amazing history that makes us the logical choice for pizza lovers that want an authentic as well as a delicious experience. Lidia Danesi founded the restaurant back in 1957 when she came to Canada from Italy and the city of Toronto was lucky she was thoughtful enough to bring some of the recipes with her from a mountaintop town called Limano.

As you can see, the best Toronto thick crust pizza didn't just appear overnight. The next time you’re looking for great food with a sense of history, come to Mamma’s Pizza.