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Choosing your pizza eating technique is half the fun

Once you start looking at everything that we offer here at Mamma’s Pizza in the way of gourmet pizza Toronto and even our brand new Thai Pizza that has special roasted red peppers and some other mouth watering ingredients, you’ll want to dig right in and get started. However, it’s best if you take the time to read about some of the interesting techniques that pizza enthusiasts have come up with over the years to eat their favourite food. Finding the one that best suits you will make Mamma’s Pizza Toronto even more enjoyable.

The Knife and Fork

This technique is considered a little formal by some folks who like to get their fingers saucy while savouring our veggie pizza toppings Toronto, but there are those who swear this is the only way to taste each and every flavour because they’ve got so many toppings to choose from. Using cutlery is also by far the most refined way to enjoy our delicious food when you’re eating around guests.

The Folded Half Slice

This is definitely the technique for those looking for maximum efficiency in getting the food to your palate as quickly as possible. Remember here that you need to hold some of the toppings in as you move the piece toward your mouth as our new Vegan pizzas have the freshest toppings that might want to slide around some.

The Straight In Approach.

Here you might loose an olive or roasted pepper as you get close to your mouth, but this is the most traditional way of eating pizza and the one that most people embrace. It’s simple really. You just support the back of the slice with one hand and point the narrow wedge toward you. It’s a good idea to keep a plate underneath so if anything falls off you can retrieve it for the next slice.

In the end it doesn’t really matter how you choose to eat your pizza. Here at Mamma’s Pizza we’re convinced that you’ll enjoy our delicious food regardless of whether you eat with a knife and fork or your fingers.

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