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"Play my game, win some coupons!" - Mamma

Don’t forget to add Toronto pizza take out to your Superbowl party checklist.

Can you think of a better team for a great Superbowl party than one that involves Mamma’s Pizza Toronto and all of your friends and family? Remember our Toronto pizza delivery 24 hours promise features the best in delicious food and a great variety that includes veggie pizza toppings Toronto and some outstanding catered dishes you won’t want to miss.

Still, there is more that you’ll want to have for an excellent Super Bowl party and following are a few suggestions to make a good time great.

Inflated footballs

Scattering real or inflated footballs around the room that you’ve rented or your basement adds to the mood. If you can go to the local sports shop and buy some banners to hang on the ceilings and over the windowsills, all the better.

If you have the room available, placing buckets of ice and strategic coolers around the room will make sure your guests don't need to get out in front of the television for refills. It's also an excellent idea to make sure that you have more ice on hand than you'll need especially for those guests who aren’t drinking alcoholic beverages.

It's good to keep in mind that you want to have some hearty food on hand to balance out all the beer and other alcoholic beverages that people will be drinking. While heartier fare like hot dogs and hamburgers are a good idea you don't want to pass up all the different varieties of food that we cater including hot trays and even appetizers.

Disposable Plates

This is one of the best times to go the disposable route where plates are concerned, but you want to be sure that you get the kind that are sturdy enough to handle the rigors of the excitement of the game.

Seating is of course just as important as getting the right mix of thin crust gourmet pizza Toronto and appetizers from our menu. You’ll need to be sure there are enough seats in front of the television. Don’t be afraid to ask friends and relatives to bring folding chairs and you might even want to go forage in the garage for those camping chairs that you put away until the summer. You can even put down a few pillows on the floor so the people sitting there can get comfortable to enjoy our Toronto pizza take out and the game.