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Everything you wanted to know about Pizza.

While you're sitting down to that special meal and the good times that only our brand new Thai pizza can deliver with the freshest ingredients and Toronto pizza delivery 24 hours service added, take a few minutes to read these interesting facts about the food you’re about to enjoy.

First off, you might like to know where those delicious morsels you’re eating come from originally, but the history of pizza is murky since it caught on right away with a number of groups across the globe after it was first introduced. Still, experts agree that one of the first places it showed up was during The Stone Age when hunter-gatherer groups went on foraging expeditions in was to become in later years Italy.

Grains and Barley

They were looking for grains and barley that would then be soaked and boiled, mashed and finally cooked on hot stones. Perhaps not as refined as the thin crust gourmet pizza Toronto that we offer today in a variety of our locations, but we think everyone will agree that was a good start.

One of the other nationalities that’s well known for their love of food, The Greeks, also left their mark on pizza during their time on the Italian peninsula. They went a step further than anyone had before by placing the mash created with wheat and barley on dough before cooking. These are the ingenious folks that also started using the predecessors to the ovens we see today.

North America

We’re sure that when you look through what we have to offer in the way of gourmet pizza Toronto and other tasty delights, you’ll agree that it was a wonderful thing that pizza made its way to the North American continent in the latter half of the nineteenth century.

This iconic food was brought by the wave of Italian immigrants that made north America their home during that time. With them they brought many of their customs which includes this favourite dish. Gennaro Lombardi has been credited with opening the first pizzeria in New York City in 1905 which was located in Manhattan. Although the dish was first favoured by Southern Italian immigrants, it caught on to a larger audience after WWII, when returning American GI’s that had fought in Europe and were familiar with it, rediscovered pizza at home.

Although you might be interested in the history of pizza and where this delicious food came from, we’re sure here at Mamma’s Pizza you’ll be equally excited about getting this delicious take out food in Toronto today.