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"You're soooo skinny! Eat! Eat!" - Mamma

Get Thornhill Vegetarian Pizza At Mamma’s

At Mamma’s Pizza, we understand everyone’s tastes are different and that’s why we have a great Thornhill Vegetarian Pizza to look after our valued clients with that specific taste. The thing is, we go out of our way to satisfy our customers and their various desires with everything from the vegetarian pizza we just mentioned to pastas that come piping hot and ready to feast on.

We like to make sure everyone gets the right sized meal for their family or friends and that’s why you can get our veggie offering in five different sizes that suit any occasion. Green peppers and sliced tomatoes are just two of the extra toppings you can order so that your meal is complete. You can even simplify the entire process by ordering online when you deal with Mamma’s Pizza.

Imagine the convenience of ordering one of our tasty dishes from the comfort of your own home? While you’re looking through the website, why not take a few minutes to get acquainted with our Build Your Own Pizza feature? We even offer gluten free dough and extra toppings because we want to be sure our clients get everything they want. You can start by looking at our Thornhill Vegetarian Pizza, but we’re sure you’ll want to know about the other delicious foods we offer too.