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"Ciao! Come inside and eat!" - Mamma

Here’s why our Toronto Vegetarian Pizza is the talk of the town

Something for everyone. That’s what we promise at Mamma’s Pizza and that’s just what we deliver with our mouth watering Toronto vegetarian pizza that’s the healthy choice to put a satisfied smile on everyone’s face. If fresh green peppers and sliced tomatoes are just the extras you crave when you’re looking for the ultimate in vegetarian thin crust pizza, we’re the only stop you need to make.

Don’t forget the fresh cheese and mushrooms that go with our pizza specials. Everything we do here at Mamma’s Pizza is for our valued clients and that’s why we have something for each and every one of them. Mamma’s understands there are a growing number of people who love pizza but are health conscious at the same time, and that's why our menu includes dough that’s gluten free.

Perhaps the best thing of all is the fact you can pick up any of our delicious food items yourself, or we can deliver them right to your event with our excellent catering possibilities. Start with some delicious appetizers and then move through a variety of salads before you wind up enjoying the feast our hot trays provide.

We love providing something for everyone here at Mamma’s Pizza. From Toronto vegetarian pizza to a great variety of pastas and everything in between, we pride ourselves on the complete dining experience.