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Hollywood Party Ideas That Are A Hit

Looking at all the different pizza specials we have here at Mamma’s Pizza will get you in the mood to start planning a party that's a little on the unique side. With the proper decorations and accessories, a Hollywood themed event can make you the talk of the neighbourhood. Don't forget to look through all the different pizza specials we offer at all of our different locations so that you will have the perfect food to go with that red carpet.

Of course it's important that you inject a sense of humour into your Hollywood party along with the delicious food that you get here at Mamma’s Pizza and having paparazzi wall props is certainly a good start. These silhouettes attach easily to windows and doors and give off the realistic impression that each and every one of your guests is in high demand from the local celebrity media.

Keep in mind when you're ordering one of our specialty pizzas that they all come with a variety of different toppings and garlic bread in some instances. As an added bonus that will compliment the atmosphere for any gathering that you have that includes our foods, we've put a convenient tab our website that makes it easy to order online right from your own home.

An inflatable statue prop that looks just like the real Oscar is another of the accessories that will add to your Hollywood themed party. If you're having the event to coincide with the presentations in LA, having a red carpet on hand is another one of the ideas that will give your event an authentic feel. Sitting around the big screen and watching as the events unfold in the real Hollywood is made all more satisfying when you look at our different catering possibilities as well.

We have a variety of appetizers including garlic bread that's made with only the freshest cheese and even full and half trays of meatballs or chicken wings. Mamma’s Pizza is also proud to offer a variety of different gift certificates in various denominations that will add a prize for everyone who decides to come to your Hollywood themed party. Take a few moments to look through the interesting array of sides and desserts. Regardless of the location you choose, Mamma’s Pizza is the perfect addition to any kind of party or event that you are thinking about having catered.