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"You're soooo skinny! Eat! Eat!" - Mamma

Mamma’s gourmet pizza recipe is just one attraction.

Of course every restaurant should focus on the one thing they do best and that's why our gourmet pizza recipe is the talk of the town through all points in the GTA and beyond. Here at Mammas Pizza we've taken the time to keep up with the latest trends and health conscious decisions that people have made and we’re proud to let our valued clients know that we offer a series of Vegan pizzas.

These aren't your regular Vegan pizzas but the very ones that you’ve come to expect with all the fresh ingredients and loving care that Mammas Pizza puts into everything that they do. Perhaps best of all is the fact that you can choose from three different varieties and several different sizes of each so there is something for everyone.

Of course our gourmet pizza recipe is just one of the attractions that has made us a favorite spot for Toronto diners since the 1950s. We also have outstanding catering options that include various appetizers and even salads for a complete dining experience that will make your event memorable for years to come.

Why not stop by our website and take a look at all the different items on our menu including outstanding gourmet pizza recipes that are sure to keep you coming back for more?