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"Ciao! Come inside and eat!" - Mamma

Mamma’s Mississauga Pastas Are Delicious

When you are planning a special event such as a birthday party, corporate meeting, or even a wedding reception, we can look after your culinary needs with our Mississauga pastas that are served piping hot. There's a great selection here at Mamma’s Pizza that includes everything all the way from traditional spaghetti dishes to rigatoni and even penne.

We're always trying to keep up with the times and what our valued Mississauga clients want most and that's why we have added a gourmet vegan pizza offering as one of our latest features. We offer a complete meal here at Mamma’s Pizza, whether your fancy is Mississauga pastas or even one of our vegetarian pizza dishes.

We even have a delicious chicken parmigiana that comes complete with melted cheese on top and a side order of spaghetti. We understand variety is the spice of life and we want to provide something for everyone. That's why we offer a kid’s menu that caters exclusively to the little ones.

While our Mississauga pastas are delicious, make no mistake, there are lots of other great food offerings for you to look through when you visit our website.