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"Ciao! Come inside and eat!" - Mamma

Mamma’s Pastas Are Second to None

From the traditional to the exquisite, you’ll get outstanding quality from the pastas that we offer our valued Mississauga clients. All these wonderful dishes come with complimentary garlic bread and a side order of parmesan cheese to complete the culinary experience.

Start with a traditional taste like spaghetti. Maybe you’ve looked through our pizza specials and decided this dish from our selection of pastas was more to your liking. You can begin with this full meal that’s always a favourite with young and old audiences alike. Add meat sauce and three meatballs and you’ve got a meal that harkens all the way back to Italy.

There’s more. The Fettuccini we serve is sautéed with onions and a variety of other fresh ingredients like garlic and parsley. Our Rigatoni is served with two pieces of garlic bread as a nice complement.

It’s all about a dedication to our clients. We want you to understand that while Mamma’s pastas are second to none, we want everyone to feel special and that’s why no visit to our website would be complete without a look at the delicious pizza specials we offer.