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Mammas Pizza Burlington Hits The Spot With Great Food Made The Way Mamma Wanted.

With a variety of different sports arenas, gardens and parks to choose from in Burlington, it’s quite likely that you’ll build up a good hunger when you visit. When you do, there’s no reason to fret because Mamma’s Pizza has a restaurant located in that fine city that will serve your needs regardless of what kind of fine Italian food you’re craving.

As there are a variety of different fitness programs in the area to choose from that cater to everyone from adults to young children and teens, we wanted to be sure that the Mamma’s location in Burlington suited that demographic. Located at 2500 Appleby Line At Dundas Burlington, this is one of our locations that boasts some of the finest parmigiana to be found anywhere in our chain.

Veal Parmigiana

Take a good look at what we have to offer in the way of Chicken Parmigiana w/Spaghetti and you’re sure to find that perfect dish that will stick to the ribs after a hard day of working out. Would you rather try another dish? Then you’re sure to want to try the Veal Parmigiana w/Spaghetti that’s just as good.

The Waterfront At Downtown Burlington is one of the bigger draws the city has to offer and there’s nothing that caps an evening of strolling through that landmark off better than something from the wonderful selection of pastas that Mamma’s Pizza in Burlington offers to their valued customers there.

Fresh Onions

Spaghetti sauteed with fresh onions is just the beginning and all of these wonderful entrees come with delicious garlic bread and a thirst quenching beverage of your choice. Although this is a location that’s situated on other side of the world from the humble beginnings in Italy where Mamma’s can trace its origins to, the philosophy behind the great food that’s served is the same.

In other words, you can get a great taste of old world charm in the vegetarian pizzas that are made in Burlington and the desserts, sides and salads taste as if they just arrived from Europe.

Mammas Pizza Burlington is a great place for the young and old both and the pleasant atmosphere in the restaurant mirrors the friendly atmosphere the city of Burlington is famous for. Don’t forget to have a look at the various denominations of gift certificates we have so you can take a piece of your experience away and present it to a friend.