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Mamma’s Pizza has some great retirement party planning ideas that go great with catered pizza

For people in the Boomer generation, retirement is looming and there's nothing better than a retirement party as the perfect send off into the next phase of their lives. Having any of these occasions catered with some of our tasty appetizers and delicious hot trays that includes fettuccini sautéed with ham or penne simmered in a tomato sauce with hot Italian sausage is always a great way to send the party guests home with full stomachs and satisfied smiles on their faces. However, there's a lot more than just food to throwing a successful retirement party and following are a few tips that you can use to make sure this occasion goes off without a hitch.

For something as personal as this you want to be sure that it has a unique touch and that's where custom retirement party invitations are the perfect addition. Using the kind of modern technology that you can find on the Internet makes it easy to create custom banners that are eye-catching and personal as well.

Of course you want to be sure to put together some interesting and cheery party decorations. Balloon swirls are an interesting and fun way to put some colorful decorations and festive attitudes into any retirement party. Keep in mind that our delicious additions to any one of these occasions can include a hot tray of meat lasagna that can serve seven to sixteen people. Each of the mouth watering pasta entrées that we offer as part of our catering specials can also have meatballs or chicken added.

One of the more appropriate games that you can add to the list for a retirement party is karaoke. Adding songs from as far back as the 1940s up to the 1970s can liven up any of these occasions and the hit list that will touch everyone from several different generations can include everything from the Beatles to Nat King Cole.

It’s important that you have an all-encompassing theme for your retirement party that includes everything from the decorations to the delicious food. You should take a moment or two and look through our menu at the various choices we have which include everything from pizza and spaghetti to rigatoni and chicken wings. There's something for everyone at the Mamma's Pizza location nearest you.