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Need to know what is gluten free pizza? We have the answers right here

Not only do we offer you great choices when it comes to outstanding pizzas that include build your own and Vegan choices, we are also on top of what out customers need when it comes to healthy choices. That’s why when they ask what is gluten free pizza? We not only have the answer we have the product too!

Like the name suggests, gluten free pizza is free from that particular ingredient and we make sure to follow our customer's wishes to the letter by having this gluten free dough made off premises. That’s just one of the things we do here at Mamma’s Pizza to make sure you get just what you want in healthy, delicious food choices when you come through our doors.

If you’re looking for catering, we have that covered as well with a variety of delicious, hot food choices in Toronto and the GTA. Select from half tray to full trays of mouth watering selections like Meat Lasagna and Rigatoni al Forno to name just a few of the choices that will be the perfect addition to any gathering. There’s more to the answer than first meets the eye when you ask that initial question, what is gluten free pizza?