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"Ciao! Come inside and eat!" - Mamma

North York gluten free pizzas for those special dates

People are always looking for something interesting and unique to do after going to the picture show. Why not stop into one of our convenient Mamma's Pizza locations for a North York gluten free pizza that will tantalize your taste buds? We have made 100% customer satisfaction our priority here.

Of course, after you've selected your favorite thin crust pizza from our comprehensive and exciting menu, you'll want to get all the delicious desserts we offer our valued Thornhill pizza clients. People who are out on that special first date will want to make a great impression with one of our gluten-free pizzas and perhaps some caramel apple cheesecake afterwards.

Mamma’s Pizza is proud to support the community in a variety of different ways because we believe in giving back. If you take a few moments to look through our website, you’ll see we support various local charities and have been sending disabled children to summer camp for the last 26 years. We're always here to supply you and your family with great food and support at the same time.