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"Ciao! Come inside and eat!" - Mamma

Our Mississauga Clients Rave About Our Pastas

When you look at the full list of pizza specials we have to choose from here at Mamma’s Pizza, it’s easy to overlook the other great items we have to tantalize your palate. If you’re looking for a chicken pesto or even a Vegan Pizza, we have you covered, but when it comes to choice in a variety of Mississauga pastas, we can’t be beat either.

Spaghetti is one of our specialties. If you’re looking for this meal sauteed with fresh onions and served with garlic bread, we have what you want here at Mamma’s Pizza. Our clients in Mississauga told us they wanted a variety to choose from that included our meat lasagna topped with melted cheese. Remember, hot Italian peppers and seasoned minced meat are just some of the fillings you can select to make your meal an outstanding and memorable experience.

Don’t forget you can pass along these great food choices with our Mamma’s Pizza gift cards that can be delivered with your next order or picked up at any one of our stores. These come in denominations from $5 up to $100 dollars and are a great way to share our Mississauga pastas with friends and family.