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Our Pastas Are Popular In Richmond Hill

If variety is really the spice of life, then our Richmond Hill pastas hit the mark since we’ve got a lot to choose from. For those who like things of a more traditional nature, Mamma’s Pizza offers Spaghetti with all the fresh ingredients you would expect from our fine restaurant.

If you’re looking for something a little more exotic, why not indulge in our delicious Rigatoni made with fresh onions and garlic? When you’ve been serving Toronto clients since the 1950s, you learn a thing or two about offering great food at a reasonable price and our meat lasagna is a good value for those who like great food that sticks to the ribs.

If you’re interested in pastas delivered right to your front door, our online ordering makes the process as simple as sitting down and starting your computer. Or, if you're looking to impress that certain someone in your life who might be especially fond of thin crust pizza, we offer gift cards that come in a variety of different denominations to please everyone’s tummy and wallet.

Here at Mamma’s Pizza, our pastas are just one of the top notch dishes we are proud to feature on our menu.