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"You're soooo skinny! Eat! Eat!" - Mamma

Our Toronto Vegetarian Pizza Is Just One Delicious Choice

Choosing our Toronto vegetarian pizza is a great way to have an excellent dining experience that's healthy at the same time. Green peppers and sliced tomatoes are just two to of the fresh ingredients that we have on hand so that our Toronto pizza specials are a cut above the competition.

Mamma’s Pizza takes great pride in bringing you only the freshest ingredients for any of the Toronto pizzas that we make and there are several delicious choices that you can pick from to satisfy all of your culinary cravings. The gourmet Toronto vegan pizzas we've just introduced are another way that we cater to the health conscious clientele we have.

Vegan Pepper Jack Cheese and roasted potatoes are just two of the ingredients that these gourmet masterpieces are made with and of course you can count on us to include only all of the freshest ingredients possible for a delicious Toronto Vegan Pizza.

It's important to us that our valued customers who are looking at our Toronto vegetarian pizza specials also understand that we have a wide range of other items that would interest them on our menu. Why not order one of these delicious and nutritious treats online today?