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"Ciao! Come inside and eat!" - Mamma

Our vegetarian pizza Mississauga is World Class

When you’re looking for vegetarian pizza Mississauga because you want to enjoy the traditional aspect of pizza but at the same time want to be sure to stay vegetarian, come to Mamma’s Pizza.

We’ve got a commitment to our clients that dates back to the Tuscany region of Italy. At the same time, we understand that modern people prefer our comprehensive menu because while variety is the spice of life, so is your health. That means that for some of the people we value as customers, our fresh homemade pastas are only part of what draws them to our menu here at Mamma's Pizza.

That’s why we also offer a vegetarian pizza Mississauga that’s World Class. Fresh green peppers, sliced tomatoes and mushrooms are just some of the delicious toppings you can choose from and the sizes you can order this specialty item in come in medium all the way to the large party sizes.

Remember, there’s also whole wheat dough available and a variety of delicious pizza dips including roasted garlic, ranch and marinara. The vegetarian pizza Mississauga is just one of the many specialty pizza items on our exciting menu, but it’s one we are extremely proud to offer.