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Planning A Corporate Event? Here’s A Few Tips that Should Include Mamas Pizza Toronto

When you’ve been asked to plan a corporate event there’s a lot at stake. It’s more than than just a party and more of a career move that can spell that promotion that you’ve been looking forward to.

Don’t leave anything got chance. Remember that Mamma’s Pizza has catering services that include everything that you’ll need to make the event a success like appetizers, salads and a fine selection of hot trays that are sure to please. We want your corporate party to be a success and to that end we’ve even complied a list of tips you can use.

Start by putting together a budget that you can stay within. Along with giveaways at the door and internal marketing , you’ll need to look at the other items like our delicious half or full trays right down to the details like veggie pizza topping Toronto options. Keep in mind that having some wiggle room is great but going too far outside your financial boundaries could have disastrous side effects.

Scouting locations is another important decision that you’ll need to look at. Here you’ll need to be sure of the number of attendees and what the venue will include in the way of amenities like music and other forums of entertainment.

You’ll need a theme as well. From start to finish a good corporate event will follow a theme that stays consistent throughout. Once again we can help with a variety of choices from traditional to vegetarian on the food front. Picking the right date is just as important as looking at our gourmet catering Toronto capabilities. You’ll need to match the venue’s availability dates with one so your guests won’t have to skip out on work. Being flexible works wonders here since it puts you in the running for better locations and some great dates.

Remember that you’ll need to promote the event before hand and social media is free. One of the best ways to get the word out is to offer special incentives to those who let others know through Twitter and Facebook. Last but not least, don’t forget about us when you’re looking at Toronto Pizza places that can make any event a success. We’ve been in business for decades now and are always ready to do our part to make your corporate event or any other gathering special.