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Planning a wedding reception? Check out these great traditions from across the globe

There’s a lot to do when you’re planning a wedding reception and of course you’ll want to get thing done right the first time since there won’t be any do overs. Take out food in Toronto is one option but it's much better to have the event catered by our excellent capabilities here at Mamma's Pizza. Although we focus our efforts on wedding receptions in the GTA, we've taken the time to put together an overview of some of the more interesting wedding traditions from around the globe for your reading pleasure.

For example, along with the wonderful climate for most of their wedding receptions, people who live in the Philippines also release doves just after the ceremony to symbolize the beginning of a harmonious life together.

One of the more recognized traditions is confetti. Although this originated in Italy it wasn't always about throwing tiny scraps of paper at the bride and groom as they emerged from the church. Originally, confetti meant sugary treats such as almonds that were received at the actual reception, but only later became the shredded paper that we are most familiar with.

San-san-kudo is a tradition in Japan where the bride and groom take three sips of sake from individual cups and the parents do the same afterwards. This symbolizes the bonding of the two families.

We like to think that we can safely say one of the wedding reception traditions here in North America and particularly the greater Toronto area has to do with food from Mammas Pizza Toronto. Still, our gourmet pizza Toronto choices might be the perfect thing if you get married in Germany where sawing a log in half is one of the traditions that the newlyweds perform in front of their guests after the ceremony is over.

We learned from our research that there are different kinds of traditions from around the globe for wedding receptions but everyone involved always has good food to spend those first few moments with their new bride or groom and family.

Remember when you're planning any kind of wedding reception that might even include one of these great traditions, we are here to help at Mamma’s Pizza. Our catering capabilities include a wide variety of features including appetizers and a lovely selection of hot trays.