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Some interesting facts about the home of pizza

It doesn't matter whether you're munching away happily on one of our vegetarian or meat pizzas, we thought you might like to read a few interesting facts about the home of pizza and some tidbits about Italy you might not otherwise know. For example, if you're sitting at one of our Toronto locations and enjoying one of the appetizers that we have for your dining pleasure like garlic bread, you might want to be grateful for the extra elbowroom you have. Statistics report that Italy is one of the most crowded nations in Europe and there were just a little over 58 million people living there as recently as 2009.

On the other hand, you might very well be looking through our menus and deciding which of the Mamma’s specialty pizzas wet your whistle. If you decide to order from the comfort of your own home with our convenient online ordering button, you might take time to consider the fact that while Canada is only approaching its 150th birthday, the capital of Italy is Rome which is almost 3000 years old. Considering the age differences between the two lands, we're certainly grateful that Mamma decided to bring her old world recipes to the New World and we're sure you are too.

Old World

There are certainly are some differences between the Old and the New World when it comes to acceptance of fast food as well. It's interesting to note that when McDonalds opened their first restaurant in Italy in 1986 in Rome, concerned citizens stood in front of the place and handed out spaghetti to remind Italian citizens of their culinary heritage.

Many of the tasty treats that you enjoy at Mamma's locations all have their origins in Italy. Who among us doesn't enjoy Parmesan cheese that was invented around the area called Parma? Italians are also responsible for some of the other household names when it comes to cheese like mozzarella and provolone.

Regardless of the delicious pizzas that you're enjoying at Mamma's Pizza restaurants in and around the greater Toronto area, getting a sense of history and where this great food comes from is an exciting part of the total dining experience we provide to each and every one of our valued customers. Why not stop into one of our convenient locations today to try the latest mouth watering pizza special?