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Some interesting facts about this take out food in Toronto

When you go online to order Toronto pizza take out from one of Mamma's Pizza locations, you'll be impressed by the selection and the friendly service you'll get from our fantastic staff. Everyone who works with us is committed to making sure that everything from our thin crust gourmet pizza Toronto to the catering services we provide are the very best in the GTA.

We even like to make sure you’re entertained when you order from us so here’s a few interesting facts about your favourite food that you can mull over while you’re eating.

Did you know?

That experts are predicting that pizza has a bright future. They're stating that customers want to have a fun experience that's also convenient. All that spells the need for more innovation and that's why Mamma's Pizza offers the ability to order from the convenience of your own home from your own computer .The industry also needs to move toward the trend aptly called Marketing for Millennials to grow and prosper.

The history of pizza is a great read that starts as far back as The Stone Age when people cooked their flat breads on hot stones. Have you ever wondered exactly how many pizzerias there are in the United States? The answer is over 61,000 but you really only need to concern yourself with Mamma’s Pizza here in Canada since we have many locations to serve you. Feel like spreading the good news around about our Toronto Pizza places and all the good things they have for our valued clients? Why not take a look at the gift certificates that we have here at Mamma’s Pizza? These come in a variety of different denominations to brighten up anyone’s day.

Still looking for some more interesting facts about pizza that you can enjoy while eating one of our tasty treats? Consider the fact that the average person eats about 46 slices of pizza every year and 62% of those have meat as one of the toppings.

Why not take a few minutes to scan through our variety here at Mamma’s Pizza? We’re always looking for new items to tantalize the taste buds and our latest entry is a delicious Thai Pizza that features roasted red peppers. If this sounds good, remember you can order online from the comfort of you own home and have these choices delivered right to your front door.