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Some interesting Toronto pizza take out facts

Whether you're eating one of our delicious pizzas or one of our other entrées in the restaurant or at home, we want you to have the total dining experience here at Mamma’s pizza and that's why we've included some interesting facts that center around your favorite food. That said, here’s a few Toronto pizza take out facts that you can mull over while you’re munching away.

Did you know that:

Poor people in 18th century Naples starting adding tomatoes to their flat bread and that’s how modern pizza was born? Imagine that while you’re munching away on a modern vegetarian classic that comes with gourmet toppings and a refreshing cola.

Pizza was first introduced to North America by Italian immigrants in the 19th century? Thank goodness they didn’t stop there! Now Mamma’s Pizza can offer a variety of appetizers, hot trays for your events and even gluten free products that all come with that great Old World heritage.

We thought you’d be interested in what we call our Toronto pizza take out facts so you would have a better understanding of where our delicious food comes from and the history behind each and every mouthful.