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"You're soooo skinny! Eat! Eat!" - Mamma

Thai Pizza At Our Richmond and Spadina Location

People who travel to Toronto and those who live there all marvel at the city's multicultural air. That's why we decided to add another great addition to our already outstanding menu with Thai pizza that comes with delicious Sweet Chili Sauce and Roasted Red Peppers.

Mamma’s Pizza has a fine tradition of serving our valued customers in the heart of Toronto exactly what they want and that's why we also include gluten-free dough and a variety of Vegan offerings that are sure to please.

Customer Satisfaction

Although we are 100% dedicated to complete customer satisfaction and each and every one of the locations that we have throughout the GTA, we are especially of proud of the service and high quality we bring to our 405 Richmond Street West location. Being committed to what our downtown clientele wants and needs is one of our priorities and that's why we’ve even included a nutritional table on our website so everyone can see exactly what they are eating and the health benefits of some of our fresh toppings and other ingredients.

It doesn't matter whether you decide to catch a show or do some shopping first, nothing will tickle your taste buds more than a specialty pizza from Mamma’s Pizza and our latest Thai pizza offering is the one that’s making a sensation. Of course nothing goes better after one of our delicious meals than an outstanding and mouth watering dessert like Caramel Apple Cheesecake or Chocolate Brownie Mousse.

Gift Cards

It goes without saying you’ll have such an excellent time at our Richmond Street Mamma’s Pizza location that you’ll want to take the gift of giving with you and that's why we offer gift cards in several different denominations. When you're looking for an eventful time in the heart of a big city there's no better way to cap a night off than with a delicious meal and that's just what we offer.

Consider you can bring some of the best food in the heart of Toronto right to your front door with our excellent online ordering capabilities. All you need to do to order one of our tasty items is turn on your computer from the comfort of your own home and press the simple tab that will allow you to order food online. We try to think of everything to put a smile on your face and great food in your stomach.