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"Buon appetite! Enjoy your meal!" - Mamma

Vegetarian pizza Toronto with an eye to quality

With pizza dough that’s made daily right on the premises, you know that we share your values for quality and health when you’re looking for vegetarian pizza Toronto you can enjoy. Here at Mamma’s Pizza, the secret behind the quality foods that we serve have been passed down to a second and even third generation.

That includes our unique vegetarian pizza recipe. Cheese and Mushrooms are just two of the delicious toppings you get on top of the vegetarian pizza crust we bake just for you. With an eye to quality, we know green peppers and sliced tomatoes are just two of the many vegetarian toppings that make for a great dinning experience.

Meals are always great family times and that’s why we offer a Kid’s Menu for the little ones that compliments our vegetarian pizza Toronto entrees. We want to be sure to cover all the bases when it comes to your dinning experience and that’s why we also have gift cards so you can give the variety that’s Mamma’s Pizza to friends and relatives to brighten their day. Take a look at our website today and you’ll be sure to find a location nearby to suit your dining plans.