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"Buon appetite! Enjoy your meal!" - Mamma

Visiting Yonge Street? Make sure to visit our Mamma’s location there.

Our Toronto location at 807 Yonge Street is right in the middle of all the big city fun that can make you very hungry after a long day or night out seeing the sights and sounds. If you’re visiting or even one of the folks that’s lucky enough to live and work in Toronto, you need to understand there’s more to our menu than just delicious pizza and other mouth watering treats like calzones. We also offer a great selection of the finest sandwiches you can take with you on the run, whether you’re sightseeing or hurrying to get back to work.

Check out these fantastic offerings that are always made fresh right on the premises using only the best ingredients.

Our Veal Cutlet sandwich is the one that’s perfect for the person on the go. A healthy delectable portion of veal smothered in delicious sauce and complete with a wonderful Kaiser bun. What are great way to rejuvenate and get back to everything the city has offer. How about that new favourite, pulled pork in BBQ sauce topped with caramelized onions? We make it our business here at our Mamma’s Pizza Toronto location to stay on top of what’s popular and serve you the best from that.

We’re north of Bloor in Toronto and that’s an excellent location to take advantage of the other excellent foods that we offer and the speciality items that can satisfy even the most discerning pizza palate. We’re only interested in serving our valued Toronto clients the best and most nutritious food so we have detailed nutritional information available right on the website.

We know how health conscious Toronto crowds can be and that’s why we also offer some excellent salad choices at this location that are sure to satisfy both your hunger and desire to stay healthy. Parmesan cheese and Caesar dressing are just a few of the tasty ingredients that you can enjoy with one of our delectable Caesar salads. Remember that taking a trip to the city can really make you hungry at the same time and we’ve got just what you need here at our Mamma’s Pizza Toronto location. Keep in mind that you can even order online and pickup your food on the go.