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"Play my game, win some coupons!" - Mamma

We have Gluten free dough for you

When our clients asked for Toronto gluten free dough, we complied because our Southern Ontario customers are one of the cornerstones of our family restaurant. Not only do we supply the great tasting items when it comes to hot plates, catering and mouth watering thin crust pizza specials, we offer other healthy choices too.

The reason is simple. We want every one of our clients at Mamma’s Pizza to have an experience they’ll tell friends and family about. More than that, we want repeat clients that feel like members of the family when they eat our fine foods. That’s the way Mamma would want it and that’s just another one of the reasons we offer gluten free dough as one of the ingredients in our pizzas.

Mamma’s Pizza takes great pride in doing something special for every member of the family and the kid’s menu you can find at special locations is ample proof of our dedication to 100% customer satisfaction. We also think you’ll enjoy the Mamma’s Pizza experience so much you’ll want to share it with our popular and handy gift cards that come in several different denominations so friends and family can partake when hunger strikes.