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"Play my game, win some coupons!" - Mamma

We’re the Mississauga pizzaiolo with a great variety

When you’re good at one thing, there’s no reason why you can’t be good at a few others as well. At least that’s our philosophy here at Mamma’s Pizza. While we pride ourselves on being your Mississauga pizzaiolo that supplies great pies and a wonderful delivery service, there’s more to us than first meets the eye.

Next time you order from one of our convenient locations, why not try a healthy and delicious salad as something different? We offer four different varieties to choose from including the traditional Caesar and Chef’s Salad and one of our own unique Mamma’s Salad recipes that includes Kalamata olives.

Salad not the food you’re looking for? Then why not dig into one of our hot sandwiches? With another great menu to choose from like Veal Cutlet and Pulled Pork, there’s sure to be something that will stick to your ribs at our restaurant.

Being a cornerstone when it comes to Mississauga pizzaiolo restaurants means covering everyone’s tastes. We even have a kid’s menu that comes complete with desserts and beverages designed especially for the little ones. Remember to look through our menu specials as well for something unique to fit your taste buds and budget.