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"Play my game, win some coupons!" - Mamma

When you need gourmet catering Toronto. We’re here to serve.

We do several things very well here at Mamma’s Pizza and one of the things we’re most proud of is our ability to take our delicious food on the road through our gourmet catering Toronto capabilities. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for incredible hot entrees that serve a corporate function or a wedding reception, we have you covered.

There’s something more to our catering services than just food. We take each and every one of the parties and events we cater to heart and treat each and every dish as through it was being served to a member of our family. Because after all, that’s how we look at you.

Don’t forget while you’re looking at the gourmet catering Toronto options we have to check out the great selection of appetizers and entrées that are just the thing that will make a big difference whether you’re looking for that big promotion or just interested in having a memorable wedding reception.

One last thing. All this talk about gourmet catering Toronto almost made us forget to mention that you can get all of our delicious food delivered right to your door.