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While you’re enjoying our popular take out food in Toronto, it might interest you to know the history of pizza.

Mamma’s Pizza Toronto is in a class by itself when it comes to thin crust gourmet pizza Toronto and a host of other specialties. We have something for everyone and a way to tickle every pallet including gourmet pizza Toronto and thin crust pizza that’s sure to fill everyone’s stomach and tweak their pizza fancy at the same time. While you’re munching away, it might interest you to know that the pasta you’re eating has a history that goes much farther back than most might realize.

Cave Men and Pizza?

For example, there have been records of people adding ingredients to bread to make it more tasty going all the way back to the Neolithic Age. We wonder if that means our ancient ancestors had a club in one hand and the predecessor to our veggie pizza toppings Toronto in the other as they made their way from cave to cave?

If that sounds a little too fantastic, then what about the history reports that had the ancient Greeks flavouring their bread with herbs , onions and even garlic? The more you look into the question of where pizza actually comes from , the more you’re left to wonder if Mamma bringing her recipes over from that small mountain top town in Italy was really just part of a historical chain that stretched all the way back to a time before Toronto was even on the map as the fine city it is today.

An Outdoor Food

Why not take a few moments after you’ve ordered a dish through our Toronto pizza take out to ponder another historical fact about pizza? In the 16th century, pizza was considered a food exclusively for the poor wasn’t even served indoors. If you wanted some of the pizza of the day you could get it right in the street because back then the restaurant as we know it today hadn’t even been invented yet.

There are lots of questions about where the very first pizza came from, but we’re sure here at Mamma’s Pizza that wherever that was, it made a big impression just like our dishes do today. In the end, it doesn’t really matter whether you prefer our take out food , Toronto specialties that all come with the freshest ingredients or something catered, understanding the history behind these fine foods is an interesting addition to our mouth watering choices.