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Mama’s Blogs

3-D Printed Pizza In Your Kitchen Soon?


Everyone is well aware of all the fantastic things the computer can do, but recent reports are suggesting that soon you’ll be able to print a computer generated pizza. You may or may not have heard of the ability of 3-D printers to put together nonedible products, but they are increasingly learning how to make food like pizza.

It works this way.

A soft liquid is passed through nozzles and directed by a computer program and as layers are built up, food is created. So far, they have come a long way and they can even make up pizza and pasta as well as a variety of other delicious goodies like confectionery and chocolate.

Europe seems to be one of the trendsetters in this new technology and reports are saying they are using 3-D printers in nursing homes and some restaurants. Experts that are developing this technology are saying that soon people will have them right in their own kitchen so they can make these tasty treats at home.

Still, we don’t think science will find a way to replicate the old world charm and list of ingredients that Mamma’s Pizza uses on all of their items. Everything we use is fresh and crafted with you in mind.