A Pizza Restaurant Beaches Toronto With a Great Story

Our Pizza Restaurant Beaches Toronto was founded in 1957. Lidia Danesi grew up in a small Italian village. When she came to Canada she brought recipes from her ancestors. The rest is history as she opened what was to be one of the first Italian restaurants in Toronto.

Each of the different Mammas Pizza restaurants serves a variety of delicious food but there’s more to our community involvement. We raise money for a variety of different charities including the Easter Seals. We also provide pizzas for quite a few of the fund-raising events they hold.

Proud Sponsors

We support baseball teams and hockey teams. If you look through our website, you will see that we are also proud sponsors of the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.

Of course, none of that takes away from the foods that you can get at our pizza restaurant Beaches Toronto. Here is just some of what you can expect if you order online or go in and enjoy a meal at that location.

  • A number of fresh sandwiches. The Italian sausage sandwich with tomato sauce is one of the favorites with our Beaches crowd. They order it online and have it delivered to their homes and offices in the area. Both the meatball and chicken cutlet sandwiches are always made fresh. That goes for the veal cutlet sandwich as well.
  • Take a few minutes to look through the house specialty meat pizzas on our menu. There are a few new items that you will be interested in like a tandoori chicken and butter chicken pizza. Looking for something a little more traditional? The combination pizza has fresh green peppers and mushrooms as well as pepperoni.
  • There is quite a selection to choose from including some delicious side orders. Order garlic bread and garlic bread with cheese as an addition to any other menu item. Check out our brand-new Arancini that gets served with a fresh marinara sauce.

Once you look through what’s available, we feel confident that you’ll want to join our E-Club. It’s easy to subscribe, and when you do you will get coupons and new promotions.

We would also like to suggest you check out our catering menu if you are planning a special event. The chicken wing tray listed there is a favorite for wedding receptions, birthday parties and corporate events. The meatball tray is another popular item from our Pizza Restaurant Beaches Toronto.