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Aussie Man Proposes With Pizza

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Although we are sure there are some people who will find this cheesy, there’s a recent news report about an Australian man who proposed using pizza. Michael Pelosi started romancing his girlfriend by taking her to a pizza making class.

After an appropriate amount of time, he set up the proposal with the chef at the master class they were attending. There were two pizza pies involved — one with ‘will you’ the other with ‘marry me’ written on them.

Cynthia said yes and they even agreed to have their picture taken for social media in front of a pizza oven. Although the couple pretended to eat the pizzas for a photo session, we couldn’t help but notice she had a sizable engagement ring that was bigger than any of the mushrooms!

Spreading good tidings is one of the things pizza does. That’s why you should always take a minute or two to look through our menu at Mamma’s Pizza. We have a specialty order that suits just about every taste from vegetarian to Vegan and meat lovers.

By the way, if you decide to get engaged in one of our restaurants, we’d love to cater a wedding reception for you.