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Mama’s Blogs

Beaches Catering for Weddings and Events

Get a wide variety of catering options at beaches location in Canada

Check out the times that our beaches location is open. You’ll see that we go out of our way to make sure a delicious meal is waiting for you at that restaurant. However, there’s lots of opportunities to enjoy traditional Italian food from Mammas Pizza at Harbourfront.

Catering is one of the other choices that you have. Take a few minutes to look at the different items that we have here. There’s something that will fit in perfectly with a big corporate event and a wedding reception. We have a variety of entrées and sides that are perfect for a birthday party or a smaller occasion.

Popular Selections

One of the more popular selections is our chicken wing tray choices. You can order these in a full tray a half tray depending on the size of your crowd. It doesn’t really matter how many people are eating them. You have a good selection of the sauces that we have to offer to look through.

Who doesn’t like barbecue or honey garlic chicken wings? Satisfy everybody in your crowd with hot or suicide flavors. The chances are your special occasion will have a variety of different people attending. That’s why we have a good selection of different foods to satisfy their taste buds


There are a variety of fresh delicious salads to choose from. These include excellent items like garlic croutons and sliced eggs. Kalamata olives and shredded mild cheese are two of the other delicious ingredients included.

Then there’s the variety of excellent entrées that we have available at our Bloor Street catering location. When we say that Mammas Pizza is a chain of restaurants specializing in Italian food, we mean it.


One look at the Fettuccini Alfredo entree on our website and you will see just what we mean. If you are looking for something a little more traditional to satisfy your crowd, we have that. The spaghetti trays that we offer as part of our catering service come with tomato and meat sauce.

We have a wide variety of catering possibilities for you to choose from. Everything that you see on our menu is made with the same attention to detail and love that mamma would have wanted. Remember that the Beaches catering services you see here are only one of the things that we offer.

You can order any of them online or come right into our restaurant for a delicious meal.