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Big Basketball stars make money with pizza

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If you ask anyone who is interested in basketball, they will know the name LeBron James as one of the all-time greats in the sport. However there aren’t that many people who know he’s an excellent businessman as well. There are probably even fewer folks that can tell you he’s making a mint with pizza.

An American sports television show has reported that Lebron stands to make USD25 million from an American pizza chain and the investments he’s made in it.  If that sounds like a lot of money, hold onto your hats until you hear the rest of the story. His initial investment in 2012 was USD1 million.

Of course being a shrewd businessman, this outstanding basketball player is learned to mix all his interests together. There are actually reports that say he stands to make up to USD40 million more in endorsements for the pizza company that he first got involved with.

Blaze Pizza is doing well south of the border. In 2016 they were named America’s fastest-growing pizza chain and it’s no doubt the help they got from a basketball superstar works to their advantage.

Lebron is no stranger to making money in business.  He also made a bundle when Beat Electronics was sold to Apple.