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Big Pizza Tips You Can’t Afford To Miss

pizza in toronto

Making the better pizza is what we do here at Mamma’s Pizza and that means we’re always looking to improve everything we do—from delivery to catering to the freshest ingredients we use in the great food we serve in our restaurants.

Here’s just a few of the essentials that you should know about whether you’re sitting down to dinner in one of our restaurants or making your own pizza at home.

  • Handling the pizza dough the right way is a big part of the battle. This foundation should always be springy and soft and the ingredients you use are one of the cornerstones. The people who know, including our experts here at Mamma’s Pizza, suggest you use oil and not flour when handling the dough.
  • Fresh sauce only takes a minute. All you need to do here to capture the taste buds of anyone sitting at your table is mix canned tomatoes with equal parts of vinegar and sugar.

Finally, we all love to find a piece of pizza in the fridge after a great night. Reheating it takes on a better flavour when you leave the microwave and stove alone and put that slice in a skillet on low heat on the stovetop for just a few minutes.