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Bloor St Mammas and Vegan Pizzas. A Classic Combo

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Mammas Pizza was founded in 1957 and since then we’ve been serving delicious food at our Bloor Street location. Just like it was done years ago, the dough is made fresh and daily on the premises today.

We offer something for everyone including several different pizza specials for you to choose from. Those include the walk in and pick up specials which are big hits with our Bloor Street customers. They enjoy the fact that they can order online and get a medium pizza with two toppings and one choice of dipping sauce.

A Complete Meal

One of the other specials that’s available is called The Hot Sicilian. It comes with a medium hot Sicilian pizza that’s fresh and garlic Parmesan sticks to make your meal complete. This special also comes with the dipping sauce of your choice and you can order it online by clicking the convenient tab.

Special Number 12 is one of the more popular ones we have on our menu. You’ll get two cans of pop with this order and one large pizza that comes with three traditional toppings. Order it now and you’ll receive two dipping sauces too.

These specials aren’t the only things that we have in store to tantalize your taste buds. Our Bloor Street Mammas Pizza also has a variety of excellent tasty vegan specialty pizzas.

Mammas Vegan Pizzas

The Spicy Vegan tops the list for a number of good reasons. All of the ingredients on this one are fresh and they include bruschetta, vegan pepper jack cheese and our famous tomato sauce.

Choose from a small, medium or large size. If you are extremely hungry or have a large group coming over, the extra large size has 12 slices.

Here’s a few of the other choices you have that can all be delivered to your home or office.

  • If you are fond of Italian plum tomato sauce, the Vegan Sausage Classic is the choice for you. White onions and slow roasted tomatoes are just two of the delicious ingredients you get.
  • The Vegan Original has zucchini and broccoli as well as roasted red peppers.

Don’t forget that you can order any one of these pizza choices in a family or party size as well. We suggest the party size if you’re looking to send everyone home with a square or two since it comes with 24 pieces.