Bloor Street Mamma’s and Great Sandwiches. A Terrific Combo

Mamma’s Pizza was founded way back in 1957. Lidia Danesi brought her Italian recipes with her from the Old Country. The result was one of the first pizza restaurants in all of Toronto. Her long-lasting legacy is evident in the wonderful menu choices at our Bloor Street Mamma’s location like great sandwiches.

Check out a few of the choices we have on our menu. Remember, you can buy gift certificates in different denominations and share our fine food with a friend or colleague.

The Veal Cutlet Sandwich has always been a traditional favourite. It’s a great hearty meal for a lunch time break. Our clients love to sit down and enjoy it at our Bloor Street Mamma’s setting too. This way, they get to soak in the atmosphere and interact with our friendly and courteous staff.

Ordering Online

Some of our customers tell us how much they enjoy ordering the Chicken Cutlet Sandwich online for convenient delivery. They can count on their food arriving quickly and always piping hot.

The number one priority at our Bloor Street Mamma’s Pizza is making sure you get exactly the food you want. Our Meatball Sandwich is another big crowd pleaser. This is a great choice if you’re looking for a traditional Italian sandwich that really sticks to the ribs.

We Respect Our Traditional Way of Doing Things

We couldn’t get all the way through this blog without mentioning an Italian Sausage Sandwich. That wouldn’t be paying the proper respect to our traditional way of doing things here at Mamma’s Pizza. This sandwich comes with fresh tomato sauce. If you’re looking for something a little different, why not add sautéed mushrooms and onions. Hot or sweet peppers and some extra cheese make this sandwich even more appetizing.

While you are looking over our online menu, spend a few minutes checking the different sides we offer. There’s what you would expect like garlic bread and garlic bread with cheese. We also have some new menu choices like Arancini. This is served with Marinara sauce that’s perfect for dipping.

Finally, seasoned potato wedges might be just the thing to go with one of our sandwiches. Or consider a side of garlic parmesan sticks for a tasty treat. Subscribe to our E-Club to learn about the latest offers and discounts from Bloor Street Mamma’s and all our locations.