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Build Your Own Pizza At Our Richmond Street West Location

Top specialty pizza at Mamma's Pizza

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This location is one of the busier ones. There are many great menu choices at the Richmond St., West Mammas and you can build your own pizza.

  • Start by deciding on the size you want. The small is 10 inches and has six slices. It’s great for a quick personal snack or a working lunch. The medium and large are great for sharing with friends and coworkers. The extra-large has 12 slices for bigger groups and the party size has 24 squares of the pizza you make to your tastes.
  • Then the fun really begins as you start mixing and matching what you want. Choose from basic tomato sauce or Italian plum tomato sauce and cheese. We also offer a gluten-free crust and double cheese.
  • The whole wheat dough is always available in all sizes. If you want the gluten-free variety, you’ll need to order a 12 inch pizza.
  • Don’t forget to select one of your favorite pizza dips. These come in a variety of flavours that include ranch and marinara as well as roasted garlic and cheddar chipotle

Great Toppings

Building your own pizza at Our Richmond St., West location also includes sorting through all the toppings we offer . Start by looking at the free ones like fresh garlic and fresh ginger as well as coriander.

Then move on to the list of traditional toppings where you will see familiar choices like green peppers, mushrooms and pepperoni.

Nutritional Info

While you are building your own pizza, take a few minutes to look at the nutritional info we have listed. You’ll see calories, fat and trans-fat listed there along with other useful information so you can make a healthy choice.

That table provides you with the information to make an informed decision about the gourmet toppings that will go on your pizza. These include sun-dried tomato, pesto and roasted red peppers to name just a few.

The kind of cheese you want is the last item that you need to decide on. There are some vegan choices including mozzarella and pepper jack. The traditional options include cheddar and parmesan.