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Build Your Own Pizza in Our North York Location

specialty pizza in North York


Welcome to Mamma’s Pizza, your go-to destination for the best pizza in North York! At our North York location, we offer a unique and customizable pizza experience that allows you to build your own pizza just the way you like it. With a wide variety of fresh toppings to choose from, the possibilities are endless. Whether you’re a meat lover, a vegetarian, or a vegan, we have something for everyone. Our online ordering system and delivery service make it easy and convenient to enjoy our delicious pizza from the comfort of your own home. So why settle for a generic pizza when you can create your masterpiece? Come visit us at Mamma’s Pizza in North York and taste the difference for yourself!

The staff at our North York Mamma’s Pizza Restaurant would love to help you build your own pizza. If you take a look at our website, you will see how easy that is.

Getting started is simple. There are several different sizes to choose from.

  • The small size is excellent if you’re just looking for enough delicious pizza for one.  Take a few minutes to look through the toppings. The free ones include fresh garlic and extra tomato sauce, as well as oregano and Italian Plum tomato sauce. It doesn’t matter which one you choose; they are all guaranteed to be fresh.
  • Maybe you’re looking for a little more pizza? If you have one or two guests coming over you should consider the medium size. This one starts with basic tomato sauce and cheese. Adding double cheese to this pizza makes it a tasty treat for everyone.
  • The large size is 14 inches and has 10 slices. Choose from gluten-free dough or whole wheat dough. The pizza dips are an excellent compliment. You can order roasted garlic ranch or marinara as well as cheddar chipotle flavors.
  • The next size for a build-your-own pizza in North York is the extra large. Twelve slices are just enough for a small gathering or a backyard family event.
  • Maybe the whole gang is coming over for a special evening? Then you’ll probably need the party-size pizza that’s 21 in by 15 in. You’ll get 24 squares with this one and we always like to suggest that you sort through the gourmet toppings. Everyone will be impressed when you order a pizza that has ingredients like roasted potatoes and grilled zucchini or hot Italian sausage and fresh spinach on it

Mamma’s Pizza Restaurant in North York also offers several different cheeses that you can have on top. For example, there are more traditional varieties like cheddar and feta cheese. But you can also have vegan pepper jack and vegan mozzarella for your guests.

There’s a variety of excellent specials too. People in North York love to take advantage of the walk-in and pick-up special. It includes traditional toppings on a medium pizza and one dipping sauce.  Order it online and have it delivered right to your front door or office piping hot.


In conclusion, Mamma’s Pizza in North York offers a unique and customizable pizza experience that is sure to satisfy any craving. With a wide variety of toppings and crust options, customers can create their perfect pizza every time. The restaurant’s commitment to using fresh, high-quality ingredients ensures that every bite is delicious. Whether dining in or ordering for delivery, Mamma’s Pizza in North York is a must-visit for any pizza lover. So, next time you’re in the area, be sure to stop by and build your own pizza masterpiece. For those who prefer to enjoy their pizza from the comfort of their own home, Mamma’s Pizza offers convenient online ordering and delivery options. Don’t settle for a mediocre pizza experience – choose Mamma’s Pizza in North York for a truly delicious and customizable meal.