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Burlington Mammas Has Delicious Vegan Pizzas

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We have something to suit every taste at our Burlington Mammas Pizza. That includes vegan choices that are delicious and made fresh daily. These come in a variety of sizes from the 10 inch which has six slices all the way up to the party size with 24 squares.

You can come to our Burlington location or order online. Mammas Vegan Specialty pizzas include delicious ingredients like vegan pepper jack cheese and bruschetta. Tomato sauce and chili flakes are just two of the other options in The Spicy Vegan variety. This is one of the most popular items on our menu.

Vegan Customers

However, that doesn’t mean we don’t have other choices for our vegan customers.

Check out the Vegan Olive Press with cheese. This one comes with garlic and oregano as well as roasted red peppers and vegan mozzarella cheese. Best of all, you can choose from six different sizes. The small is great for one or two people since it has six slices. Having the gang over to watch Netflix? The extra large will cover everybody with 12 pieces.

Bigger Gathering

If you’re having an even bigger gathering, the party size has 24 squares.

There is one traditional choice too. The Vegan Original has wonderful toppings like zucchini and black olives.

Along with these choices, there are some other specials that taste great and are good for you. The hockey special offers and extra large pizza with any two toppings and chicken wings. Don’t forget that you can order online from the comfort of your own home. This special and all the others will still be delivered piping hot right to your front door.

Bump Up

If you’re out and about, why not take advantage of our walk in special? This one has one medium pepperoni pizza you can bump up to a large for only two dollars. It’s perfect for a quick meal you can take home with you as a treat for the family.

Take a few minutes to look at all the different specials we have to offer. You are bound to find one that will suit your event. They come with a variety of items like cans of pop, pizza dips and even Caesar salad. Keep in mind that all of the toppings we use are fresh. It’s just one of the ways we make sure you have an excellent experience at our Burlington Mammas Pizza restaurant.