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Calzones and Lots More from Our Bloor Street Location

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We take extra time to make sure everything is the way you like it at our Bloor Street restaurant. In fact, we have so many delicious items on our menu sometimes things get overlooked. That’s why we decided to write about the calzones we have. These are stuffed with the toppings you choose so each one is an individual taste experience.

If you are interested in getting one with double cheese, we can accommodate. How about a side order of sauce or some extra traditional toppings? Both are no problem. Our only goal here at Mammas Pizza is to make sure that you get the food you want.

Variety of Specials

We offer a wide variety of specials and regular menu choices. The chicken parmigiana comes with melted cheese. The breaded chicken cutlet is served with spaghetti. We also have a veal sandwich on our menu that’s just as fresh and delicious.

Our customers want to spread the good news about the delicious food we have at our Bloor Street location. That’s why we are especially excited about the gift cards in denominations starting at $5 and going up to $100.


These are the perfect gift for someone special or to celebrate a once-in-a-lifetime event. You can check the balance on your gift card through the convenient tab on our website.

One of the most interesting things about our Mamma’s Pizza on Bloor Street is the catering we offer. Are you having a corporate event? How about a birthday party? We can easily handle those types of gatherings as well as wedding receptions and a host of others.

Catering Choices

Take a look at our catering choices. There is something for everyone including garlic bread and garlic bread with cheese.  Don’t forget to check out the chicken wings we have in a variety of sizes . These come in a number of flavors you love like honey garlic and barbecue.

The meatball tray is a big favorite. One of the reasons is you can get a half tray that serves 7 to 8 people or a full tray that serves up to sixteen.

Make sure to select something for each of your guests from the pastas we have to offer. You can add to each one of these dishes. A little extra rose or meat sauce is quite often just the thing.