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Canadian Pizza Trends

best pizza combinations in Ontario at Mamma's Pizza

While you are sitting around enjoying your favourite slice of pizza, there are a lot of business types who are studying the food to find out what the latest trends are. Although that doesn’t sound as interesting or as much fun as actually sitting around with friends and family devouring this delicious food, it does make for some interesting reading we thought we could share with you.

For example, age matters when it comes to how much pizza you eat and a recent study has found that children under 13 are in fact the biggest consumers of pizza in Canada. The NPD Group also reports that adults between the ages of 25 and 34 are big pizza eaters at the same time.

As people get longer in the tooth they seem to eat less pizza and the 65 and older group actually had the lowest rating for the amount of times they sat down to enjoy a slice.

One of the other big trends that everyone is enjoying is the popularity of finger foods. The same study gave us the statistics highlights the fact that this complement for pizza is not going away anytime soon and wings and breadsticks are just as popular now as they have always been.