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Canucks to build better tomatoes

unique pizza ideas in Ontario, CA

Improving your customer experience has always been job number one here at Mamma’s Pizza. If you take a moment to look through our nutritional tables and catering menu, you’ll see that we try and stay ahead of the curve when it comes to innovation. That’s why a recent article in a Canadian newspaper caught our attention.

Research being done at Vineland Research and Innovation Centre in Niagara, Ont, centers around one of those favourite toppings that everybody likes on their pizza, tomatoes. David Liscombe is in charge of a new project and he’s spent hours looking at the genetic data behind this food in the hopes of creating an elite line that will taste even better on your favourite slice.

When the work gets underway there will be over 100 new varieties adding even more choices to the already fresh and delicious ingredients you can get with one of our take out or eat-in pizza pies.

The idea behind the groundbreaking work is to unlock the secrets of the tomato and create a new strand that will differentiate itself from the bland ones you find on the grocery market shelves. Let’s hope there are some new flavours to add to the delicious experience that you can have here at Mamma’s Pizza soon!