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Mama’s Blogs

Celebrate with Our Mamma’s Beaches Location and These Specials

North York Calzones

Getting together with our Mamma’s Beaches location means that you’ll have a great time. We have a wonderful atmosphere and some outstanding specials to choose from.  Because it’s that special time of year, we thought we’d point you towards our hockey special.

This one comes with a 16-inch large pizza and any two toppings of your choice. What’s more, we will even throw in 10 chicken wings. Perfect for watching your favorite team on the road to the Stanley Cup.

Comfortable and Friendly

Some people would rather just come in and get a pizza from our Beaches location. We know that has something to do with the fact the atmosphere is comfortable and friendly. That’s to say nothing of the staff who are always happy to see you.

Our walk-in special includes a pepperoni pizza. If you’re feeling especially hungry you can upsize for only two dollars. Making sure that everyone has something delicious to eat is our number one priority.

That’s why we only use the freshest ingredients. Those types of toppings and other morsels are especially good when it comes to Special #3. This one comes complete with everything that you will need including four cans of pop.

Traditional Toppings

Different people have different tastes and that’s what our Number 4 special is all about. This one comes with traditional toppings and a large Caesar salad. We are always interested in making sure our clients get delicious food that’s good for them.

Take a look through the other specials we have at our Mamma’s Pizza Beaches location. When we say we’ve thought of everything, we really mean it. People are often pleasantly surprised to find out that we carry a wide assortment of gift cards.

These come in a variety of different denominations. One is sure to be the perfect gift for that co-worker, friend or relative.

Our Mamma’s Beaches staff are always happy to help. If you ask, we’ll gladly get you your gift card in denominations from $5 to $100.

Chicken Wings

Don’t forget that we have something for everyone here at our Mamma’s Pizza Beaches location restaurant. One of the things our clients rave about is the chicken wings that we serve up piping hot.

They’re cooked to order and your specifications. Not only that, they come with a variety of sauces that make them all the more mouth-watering.