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Celebrity sightings and pizza in LA

Best Pizza Toppings at Mamma's Pizza Onario, CA

It’s probably no surprise that Los Angeles has a lot of great pizzerias. It’s probably not shocking that celebrities go to eat there because they love pizza. It is surprising to find out how popular some of these restaurants are with Hollywood’s A listers.

Most people like James Franco. He plays a lot of roles that make you think he’s just an everyday guy who likes to party and enjoy pizza. He’s been spotted at Bestia, a downtown pizza parlor that’s got quite a following. The regular’s list includes not only Franco’s name, but other familiar celebrities like Jessica Biel who savours a slice there.

Sotto is another name that Los Angeles insiders will know about. This place is all about location because it’s right in the middle of a neighbourhood where you’ll find studio parking lots and agent headquarters. One of the other big draws are the wood fired ovens.

Gjelina is another popular name on the list. If you’re looking for celebrities with recent box office hits like Ryan Gosling, this is the place where you’ll want to go. One of the big differences  you’ll find here is lamb sausage on their thin crust pizzas.

Finally, there is a pizzeria name Felix just down the road where the chef actually studied in Naples and attracts big-name stars.