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Check Out Mamma’s Dundas Street Catering Options

Caterig Salad availabe at Mamma's Pizza

Have you been asked to organize a corporate or teambuilding event for your company? Are you planning a wedding or anniversary reception? Maybe you’re in charge of a relative’s birthday celebration or some other type of family reunion.

Regardless of the function, everyone can agree any meeting or party goes better with good food. That’s where Mamma’s Dundas Street catering options stand apart from the competition.

Popular Catering Items

Please take a few minutes to look over what we have to offer. When you do, we’re certain our selection of traditional Italian dishes will help to make your get-together a success.

Vegetarian Lasagna is a popular catering item that helps to make pleasant memories for any event. Of course, the pasta is fresh and filled with plum tomato sauce, mushrooms and spinach. This delicious menu item is topped with fresh melted cheese and zucchini.

Special Tastes

It’s perfect for a wedding reception and can satisfy those guests with special tastes.

The Meat Lasagna tray is made with the same fresh pasta but, of course, this one comes with meat sauce. Like it’s vegetarian counterpart, it’s topped with delicious parmesan and melted cheese. Just the thing after a strenuous teambuilding exercise during a corporate event.

Our catering services offer a variety of wonderful entrées. Penne Primavera is just one of the options you have to choose from. This creamy dish is simmered in fresh pesto sauce with sun-dried tomatoes and marinated mushrooms. We even add broccoli to this dish for extra flavour.

Every Age Group

Fettuccini is always a big favourite with every age group. We also have a wonderful selection of Spaghetti with tomato or meat sauce and Rigatoni or Penne. If you see a menu item you think is right for your social gathering, consider adding a delicious Mediterranean salad tray.

This comes with tomatoes, Kalamata olives and romaine lettuce. Other fresh ingredients include Mamma’s special Mediterranean dressing, red onions, feta cheese and green peppers.

Serves Everyone

There is also a Caesar Salad and Chef Salad to choose from in both half tray and full tray sizes. These conveniently serve seven to eight people all the way up to sixteen.

The Dundas Street catering menu at Mamma’s Pizza includes traditional standbys like mouthwatering garlic bread and garlic bread with cheese. Don’t forget there is also a Chicken Wing tray and Meatball tray available.